I cheated!

I baked today…in my own kitchen….by myself.  I couldn’t help it.  No Frills had butter on special and it was raining.  What else would I do?

First I baked a pumpkin crunch cake.  I followed the recipe….sort of.  I added more spices to the pumpkin base, changed the sugar to dark brown and added some molasses.  I doubled the amount of pecans in the topping and I decided to candy them prior to chopping them and sprinkling them on top.  This gave the topping more crunch and flavour. Since the newlyweds are coming for dinner tomorrow, I divided the ingredients to make two cakes instead of one larger individual cake.  I’ll offer the second cake to Beverley as a peace-offering!  The cakes look pretty good and they sure smell yummy.  Believe it or not, I haven’t had a taste yet….at least not a baked taste!  I’ll let you know the verdict tomorrow after I’ve served the cake with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel.  I don’t know what I’m serving for dinner, but who cares when you’ve got a dessert like this!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next I baked a pumpkin roll.  Bev wasn’t too keen when I mentioned a pumpkin roll to her this week, so I went behind her back and baked it anyway.  Sorry Beverley….not really!  I lined my jelly roll pan with foil and then greased it well.  After baking, I used this foil (and icing sugar) instead of a tea towel to roll up the cake.  It worked well with no cracking. Watch your fingers, though.  The foil is hot!  I filled it with a traditional cream cheese frosting flavoured with a couple of tablespoons of dark rum.  Now, I’m not usually a fan of rum….it’s my husband’s potion of choice, but it sure adds good flavour to baked goods.  I had a taste of this one, and I could’ve had much more than just a taste.  It’s delicious, but I may have to share this with Beverley just to make my point!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is just the beginning of our fall baking.  I have so many new recipes that I want to try.  I may have to keep cheating on Beverley!


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