Our very first order!

Thank you to those who have had a look at our blog, and an extra thank you to those who took the time to comment.  We love reading what you have to say and suggestions are always welcome.

We got our first two orders!  Someone IS reading the drivel I post!  I spent my morning bustling around the kitchen.  I didn’t even get our of my mu-mu until noon!  That’s right, you read correctly.  I wear a mu-mu…..every single day.  It’s not just any mu-mu, it’s identical to the one worn by the mother in My Big Fat Greek Wedding….so it’s movie-worthy!  Who needs an apron?

Our first order came from my dear friend that I’ve known since grade one.  She’s as lovely as ever and we haven’t changed a bit….. so we’re delusional….the pair of us!  Thank you for your order, and I hope you and your colleagues enjoy the muffins.

Our second order came from another sweet friend who has two gorgeous babies that love to snuggle and smile.  I’m so lucky to share their love.  Because this order needed to be nut-free, I adapted our Carmel Apple Cookie recipe to fit the bill.  I shredded the apple instead of chopping it, and slightly reduced the amount of butter.  The result looks a little puffier than the original and is not as sweet….I like it better.  It’s still a chewy morsel of buttery caramel goodness.  I hope everyone at work enjoys the goodies.


Sweet Times Two is up and running!



  1. Hello Mary Ann,

    When I saw the lovely box of goodies in the staff room, I had a feeling it came from you. The cookies and muffins were fantastic! Best of luck with your new adventure!!


    1. Thanks, Dina. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Now you know where to find home baking without even leaving the neighbourhood!

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