The Yummy Town of Woodbridge

The weatherman called for a rainy weekend….wrong again! How does he keep his job?  By Saturday at noon, the skies were blue again and my hubby and I decided to venture outside to make the most of the day.  We were in the mood for a good pizza.  Now, we used to have a terrific local Italian restaurant that we frequented often but it has closed due to a fire… miss them….please open again soon Fratellis!  Anyway, I remembered reading an article in The Toronto Star describing several good shops and restaurants in Woodbridge.  So I dug it out…yes I keep these articles in a file…sick, I know…and we made our choice and headed out.  We visited Desserts Plus for two delicious pizzas cooked to crispy but tender perfection in a wood-burning oven.  The portions were very generous and the prices reasonable.  Our server was a friendly and helpful young lady.  Even though we were full, we inquired about the desserts.  A glass case featured many tempting cakes by La Rocca.  We decided to take a pass, as our local Sobeys carries these cakes, and we shopped a little to work up an appetite again.



We never really did work up an appetite again to Desserts Plus’ credit, but I was not to be dissuaded.  I spotted a bakery tucked into the corner of a strip mall.  When we walked into Pane Vittoria, we were shocked…in a very good way.  The store was spotless….this means a LOT to me.  Racks of bread, made on-site, were artfully displayed. Calabrese breads were featured prominently.  There were a few desserts, coffees, delicatessen products, Italian grocery items and a variety of aged Italian vinegars and olive oils. There was a case that leads me to suspect that gelato is also served in the warmer months.  There are several tables where you can relax and enjoy a snack or catch up with friends.  The owner Joe Ferraro is very knowledgeable and welcoming.  He explained his oils, vinegars and coffees (regions and methods of production) to us and offered us samples.  We each had a great Americano coffee…bold but smooth with no bitter aftertaste.  This was a great find…pleasing to all the senses. Visit this bakery at:


Today I prepared another order, and managed to squeeze in some outdoor work.  What a productive weekend!  Next weekend, Sweet Times Two will be visiting Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show.  Join us…lots of free samples to taste!  Yum!

Sampler Tray

Sampler Tray



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