Better than a Candle

Fall is such a wonderful season.  Its cool evenings make for comfortable sleeping.  The leaves are not only colourful, but they have a damp, fresh fragrance as well.  I love to add to the natural fragrance of fall with candles….not surprisingly food scented ones are my favourites: gingerbread, vanilla, apple-cranberry.  They make our home smell warm and inviting.  My husband was heading up to a friend’s cottage for a weekend of boys’ fun.  It’s become a tradition that I provide them with a few baked goods.  One of the guys is a diabetic and it’s always a challenge to come up with something that won’t jeopardize his health and yet be appealing to the whole group.  Sugar substitutes have not been favourably received in the past.  I finally decided on a pumpkin loaf and substituted unsweetened apple sauce for the oil and some of the sugar.  I also made an applecrisp with no sugar on the fruit…the topping on the other hand did contain brown sugar…..lots, and butter and cinnamon and oats.  Mmmmm apple crisp is one of my favourite desserts.  I could hardly resist a sample.  The aroma in my kitchen was heavenly…it made my tummy growl with hunger….much better than any candle!  (If you read long enough, you’ll eventually see the connection!)

Pumpkin Loaf

Pumpkin Loaf




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