Baking Show 2012

September 30, 2012

Well it is the last day of the month and what better way to enjoy the day than spending it at the Baking Show at the International Centre with Mary Ann.  “Girls Day Out”!

Heading out at 9 a.m., no time to stop at ‘Tim’s” as we had to get there early to take our place in line.  Loaded with our cameras and notebooks to make sure we captured all that we could on the latest new products on the market and upcoming trends we were in the door by 10 a.m.    To us, being here was almost as good as “shoe shopping”….mind you we do love shoes, but back to why we are here.

Again, like last year, it seems the “cupcake” trend is still on an upward swing with 50% of the vendors from within the Greater Toronto area selling cupcakes of various flavours and designs.  From a simple red velvet to a complicated mint chocolate chip each vendor does well with their own signature style.   Candy buffets are a  new trend and  have many options for  unique themes.  Cake pops were hardly anywhere to be found this year with only one kiosk selling three flavours.  Cute as they are, they are labour intensive and I guess not worth the effort to some.  However, I still like them and my “cheesecake chocolate pops” are a favourite request of the family!  Hmmm, wonder if I could make a “pumpkin” inspired pop for Thanksgiving!  Mary Ann, need your help here as you seem to have mastered working with pumpkin flavours for this month’s delicious treats!

All in all the Baking Show this year did not seem busy at all.  A lot of last year’s vendors had not returned which is too bad as there really were some unique ones.  A little disappointing.  However, we did manage to participate in a non-baking taste tasting of the alcoholic kind!    We sampled a 1 oz size of a lovely little drink called the “A La Cremesicle” offered by the agents for the product and consisting of cointreau and St. Remy “A La Creme”.  Just hit the spot as we sat on the lovely lounging chairs for a quick break.  That about wrapped up the show for another year for us.   Next stop the local “Tim Hortons” to get a much needed coffee and a bite of lunch after sampling a lot of sweets.

A great productive Sunday, doing what we love on the last beautiful day of September.   Work tomorrow and a network event in the evening.  Enjoy your Monday!

Cheers to Canada's Baking and Sweets Show!

Cheers to Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show!


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