What did you bake this Thanksgiving?

It was a busy week leading up to Thanksgiving.  My oven was on daily and the fragrance of cinnamon and cloves wafted out my open window before noon every day.  I went through 8 large cans of pumpkin and a large bag of apples!  I’ve gotten kind of stuck on pumpkin and apples this fall….I love these two ingredients but I’ve got to work on expanding my repertoire…more on this later.  My pumpkin loaf was a big hit this year.  I beefed up the spices by adding more of each: cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger.  I find that while pumpkin keeps the loaf nice and moist, it really is quite bland.  You can’t scrimp on the spices if you want a flavourful loaf.  I also prepared large portions of apple crisp and pumpkin crunch cake.  Nothing new here! I did try one new recipe, apple toffee cake.  It was a white cake kept moist with the addition of sour cream and finely chopped apple.  The topping consisted of butter, brown sugar, toffee bits and white chocolate.  The appearance was a bit disappointing as the topping seemed to make little craters in the cake but the taste sure made up for it!  This week, I’d like to try a ginger sandwich cookie and some mini cakes with rum and orange sauce.  What did you bake this Thanksgiving week

Pumpkin loaves all wrapped for delivery.

Pumpkin loaves all wrapped for delivery.



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