Don’t blame me!

Have you discovered pinterest?  It’s my newest addiction…and I DO mean addiction.  Seriously, I’m on this site ALL the time, especially when I’m watching quality TV programs like Real Housewives or Honey Boo Boo…okay so I only watched it once….maybe!  There are so many recipes, and ideas, and hints.  I’m pinning everything in sight.  I can’t sleep at night because I have so many new ideas that I want to try.  Don’t blame me if you get addicted too!

A post about easy, no-fail bread kept popping up and tempting me.  It was practically calling my name!  Saturday evening I decided to attempt it.  My previous trials with any kind of yeast have been epic failures…rock hard disks of pizza dough, break-your-teeth sourdough, just to name a few….so I was skeptical.  There was no kneading and very few ingredients.  The dough had to rise overnight and the baking method was unconventional – 450 in a covered enamel pot.  I followed the recipe to a tee which is not my usual modus operandi.  Low and behold it worked…for the most part.  The crust is a little too…well crusty for my taste, but it’s an edible loaf.  Not bad for a first attempt.  I’m going back to pinterest to view the comments for the bread to see if any of the suggestions help me to improve….and if I find more recipes to try, it’ll be another sleepless night!

Lemon Dill Bread

Lemon Dill Bread


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