A Fan Favourite

It’s Wednesday already, and rainy and gloomy again.  The day begs for me to pull out the bowls and pans, turn on the oven and replace the dampness with the warmth and fragrance created by baking….it’s almost better than wrapping yourself in a warm blanket with a steaming mug of coffee and a good book….very close but still just almost.  Today I will be baking for Thursday’s homework group again ….these kids are so spoiled!  On the menu for today is a childhood favourite: banana chocolate chip bars.  My Mom baked these often when we were children.  She probably still has the original recipe on the newspaper clipping that my great-aunt brought to her from Detroit.  They are very moist and sweet.  They are best stored in the pan in which they are baked as they will stick together.  Don’t worry though, they never stay in the pan for long.  I’m including the recipe for you.  Try them.  I’m sure they’ll become your family’s favourite too!


2/3 c soft margarine or butter, 2/3 c brown sugar, 2/3 c white sugar…..Cream these together.

Add 1 egg and 1 c mashed ripe banana.  Mix well.

Add 2 c flour, 2 t baking powder, 1/2 t salt, 1 t vanilla.  Mix until well blended.

Stir in 2/3 c chocolate chips.  Spread evenly in a well-greased and floured jelly roll style cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 for about 20 mins. until golden brown.  Let cool before cutting.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bars

Banana Chocolate Chip Bars


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