My Favourite Taste-Testers

Individual ginger cake with caramel and apple

Individual ginger cake with caramel and apple

I have a great group of friends.  I treasure their friendship and they are a very important part of my life.  We get together at each other’s homes as often as we can (some party poopers have gone back to work or are babysitting grandchildren….imagine that…how can we go on excursions now?)  We share a snack, a glass of wine, lots of laughs and talk about old times, children and grandchildren. We support each other as we try out new activities as we walk down life’s pathway.  Today I hosted.  I knew right away that this was the opportunity to use my new pan that makes individual cakes.  I wanted a warm, sweet dessert that would taste like fall.  I settled on a ginger cake.  I was frankly a little nervous about using these individual cake pans as they have intricate designs and despite my best efforts to grease and flour well, I could see that there were crevices that I’d missed.  I thought sticking would be inevitable.  I was delighted when the cakes released easily from the pans and the designs were clear and well-defined on each cake.  I browned some apple slices in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon to serve with the cake and prepared a caramel sauce to pour over the whole dessert.  Sounds yummy, right?  It was ok, but the cake was dry.  I should have poured the sauce over the cakes when they were warm so that they could absorb some of the liquid.  However, my friends are kind and appreciative.  No wonder they’re my favourite taste-testers!



  1. I’m sorry I missed out ! =( The cute Halloween cookies you made for the girls are a big hit !

    1. We missed you too, Wendy. I hope you’re on the mend.

  2. As always, we had a wonderful visit and most especially, got to taste your delicious cooking. From beginning to end, you’re menu was absolutely delicious! Thank you for a great afternoon Mary Ann!

    1. Thank YOU, Lisa. We always have fun when we’re together. I can’t wait for next time!

  3. Oh Mary Ann, you are way too modest! The cake was delicious, as were all the other treats. You’re a fabulous cook as well as baker. Looking forward to our next get-together.

    1. And you are way too kind, Mary! I also can’t wait to get together again.

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