Sniff, cough, blow!

I’m miserable!  It’s nothing serious, just a cold..and I know I’m female and I’m supposed to be stoic and all, but I’m not.  I’m a wimp and a whiny baby.  So what did I decide to do today?  I started to put up Christmas decorations.  Obviously, this cold has affected my brain!  Of course nothing went smoothly.  I can’t find the crèche.  All my bows and ribbons look squished and old. The mantle garland fell off – twice!  I broke an old glass ornament.  The sharp shards went everywhere and when I bent down to clean them up my nose actually dripped on the carpet!  Gross! What does this have to do with baking?  I’m glad you asked and brought me back on topic.  I must have had a premonition that this cold was coming because I baked early in the week for homework group.  I won’t be sharing my germs with anyone, just my soft, caramelly oatmeal chocolate chips cookies. I’m sure they’re delicious.  I won’t know.  I can’t taste…or smell…and my head is pounding.  I’m glad I could share my cheery personality with you today!  




  1. Awww.. Poor you:( hope you feel better soon Mary Ann. See you when we get home.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. See you soon.

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