A Winner

Now that we’ve flipped our calendars to December, Christmas is really in the air.  The malls are crowded, some radio stations have switched to all Christmas music and twinkling lights seem to be everywhere.  The pressure is on!  I’ve been busy in the kitchen baking for others, but my own Christmas baking has been sadly neglected.  On the weekend, I sorted through my recipes and decided what I was going to bake.  A quick trip to the grocery store this morning to grab the few ingredients that I didn’t already have on hand and I was ready to begin. I’m going to be bold this year and attempt a couple of new entries, especially since the cranberry, coconut, pistachio cookies that I tried a few weeks ago turned out to be so yummy.  I flipped the cd player to my favourite baking tunes – Led Zeppelin…yes, for real…and gave the wooden spoon a good workout.  Tonight I made cranberry white chocolate scotchies.  The only switch up I made to the recipe was to use dark brown sugar instead of light.  I figured this would intensify the caramel flavour.  Mmmmmmm….they’re delicious.  They look very simple but don’t be fooled.  They are sweet, buttery, caramelly morsels of delight.  Ladies, we have a winner!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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