Spicy Pecan Biscotti

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love cookies that you can dunk.  I come from a family of dunkers.  My granddad was a dunker, my dad is a dunker, and even my daughter enjoys dunking.  Biscotti are definitely dunking cookies, but sometimes I find them just too dry.  In fact, I had one recently at Il Fornello that fit that bill.  I could hardly bite into it and when I did, the cookie was sandy and hard to swallow.  So when I double bake my biscotti, I watch the second baking very carefully.  I want to toast lightly without baking all the moisture out of the cookie.  These biscotti have a light texture and a ginger/spice flavour.  The pecans add a little extra crunch and texture.  I’m sure real traditionalists would argue that my biscotti aren’t dense and crisp enough to be called biscotti, but I enjoy them this way…dunked or not!


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