New Year’s Gangnam Style!

Cupcakes Gangnam Style!

Cupcakes Gangnam Style!

New Year’s Eve  is now a double celebration for our family as it is also the new s-i-l’s birthday.  The newlyweds decided to host a party with the theme of gangnam style – dress classy, act trashy…or maybe it was the other way around!  Regardless, I jumped on the theme and offered (with my usual bossy personality) to prepare a few themed goodies.  I made the couple bow ties using felt and, cheap and easy…my three favourite qualities in a craft!  I prepared a basic chocolate cupcake and frosted it with black and white striped cream cheese frosting lightly flavoured with orange.  I made a cupcake topper featuring a picture of Psy dancing with the face replaced by that of my s-i-l.  They were a big hit.  Next, I made tuxedo strawberries using white and semi-sweet chocolate.  Finally, I prepared crackers and cheese a la tuxedo using a vee of cream cheese as a white shirt and bow tie and buttons from black olives.  I had such fun and it’s always extra nice to have an appreciative recipient!  Happy New year all you sexy laaaaadies!


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