Sweet and Savoury

Smoked salmon pizza

Smoked salmon pizza

Some of my teaching buddies and I try to get together regularly – lately to discuss the effects of aging on our bodies and our psyches.  We don’t paint a pretty picture for the one member of our club who is still  on the sunny side of 50! We compare and commiserate, but mostly we laugh. As the old saying goes…”Misery loves company”.  Keeping our latest fascination with bulging, sagging and drooping in mind, I decided to prepare something a little more calorie and health conscious than our usual fare.  Today’s tasty treat is courtesy of my sister, Christine, who introduced me to this flavourful and easy appetizer at her Boxing Day gathering.  The base is a prepared pizza crust.  The thinner variety has fewer calories.  You top it with a lemony arugula light cream cheese mixture.  To this you layer smoked salmon, more arugula, fresh dill and green onion and drizzle the whole pizza with honey mustard.  It’s a delightful mix of savoury with the sweetness and tang of the honey mustard.  The good part is that a few small pieces fill you up…which leaves us more time to discuss how wack-a-doodle we’ve all become…..and in case you’re wondering…yes, that is a medical term!



  1. It was a great afternoon of fun, rants and of course… Delicious smoked salmon treats!
    Cheers to the old ladies minus one!

    1. We’re the best lookin’ bunch of ol’ gals in Durham region!

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