Another sweet and savoury

This past weekend, my hubby and I entertained a couple of good friends.  We’re comfortable enough with them to use them as guinea pigs for one of my never-tried pinterest finds.  The recipe was  labour intensive and contained a number of steps……this is how you know I really LOVE you B and P! For our appetizer, I prepared a beet and cheese layered Napoleon.  Although it was time-consuming to make….did I mention that already?…..the end result was very pleasing both to the eye and the palate.  The beets were poached in rice vinegar and sugar until soft.  They were patted dry and sliced.  Then they were layered with a goat cheese, ricotta, lemon and herb mixture.  The “stacks” were refrigerated over night and then served with spring greens in an orange and shallot vinaigrette.  The sweet beets contrasted so well with the herbed cheese and bitter greens. Had I been able to find coloured beets, I think the presentation would have been kicked up a notch.  As it was, I was very pleased with my new appetizer.  Thanks Pinterest for another great find!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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