Gingerbread Cake Reprised

Individual desserts seem to be the rage right now.  Beverley and her lovely hubby were coming for dinner and I was looking for something stylish and impressive, yet tasty.  I decided to try gingerbread cake again since the presentation last time was what I was looking for and it was the taste that was lacking.  I thought this would be a quick fix.  I pored over cookbooks and the internet looking for a recipe that might produce a moister cake.  Most recipes were very similar.  Hmmmm…this could be a problem. I finally turned to my latest obsession, pinterest.  Even with the abundance of recipes on this site, finding a different gingerbread recipe proved to be a challenge.  Eventually, I discovered a recipe that called for the inclusion of about a cup of boiling water once the batter was mixed.  The picture on the site looked yummy, but I did notice that the cake did not have well-defined designs on it.  Could this cake be too moist to hold its shape well?  I started early in the day to allow for a remake if I had a failure.  I greased and floured the pans carefully, popped them into the oven and crossed my fingers.  I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to start from the top again!  When I first turned the pans over, nothing released and my heart sunk.  I very gently loosened the edges using a sharp knife, flipped the pan again and hoped for the best.  When I lifted this time, six perfectly formed, little cakes remained on the rack.  The designs appeared well-defined, and you could see that these cakes were moist and dense.  Hurray!!  I prepared a caramel sauce from scratch…so easy and so much more delicious than anything from the store.  I baked some apple slices and walnuts in a tiny bit of cinnamon sugar.  I whipped some cream and placed it in a piping bag, ready for decoration.  I decided to make a hard caramelized sugar decoration to bring this dessert up to another level.  This took almost as long to prepare as the cake!  You boiled sugar and water until fully caramelized and amber in colour.  Then you drizzled designs on parchment and allowed them to harden.  The trick is getting the sugar to the right temperature to drizzle..not too hot, but not too cold either.  It took a bit of fiddling, but what do you think of my final presentation?



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