Snickerdoodle Snacks

Snickerdoodle muffins

Snickerdoodle muffins

Oh yummy morsels of deliciousness…these muffins are dangerous!  I have been eyeing this recipe on pinterest for quite some time.  The accompanying description of “tastes like a cinnamon doughnut” beckoned me like a fly to honey….but I stayed strong.  I kept my mind focused on the number of zumba classes these gems would force me to take and I just scrolled on by.  And then the snow came.  In fairness, it was a REAL blizzard, not like those fake ones that the weather people often foist upon those of  us who are snow-phobic.  I genuinely was trapped in the house.  I admit it, I succumbed and I made the damn muffins.  The recipe made a generous 18 of these sour cream cinnamon-sugar coated  temptresses.  I ate two…one to taste-test and the second to be sure.  The rest are frozen safe in the bottom of my freezer.  I’ve just got to keep myself away until Thursday when I know the kids at Homework Group will make short work of them. Focus…stay strong…think squats….and stay well back from the freezer!!


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