It’s Contagious!

Sheep cupcakes

Sheep cupcake

Does the thought of baking with a group of 12 children fill you with terror?  Does it conjure up images of spilled milk, flying confectioner’s sugar and high-pitched whining “It’s my turn to stir.”?  Four of us willingly volunteer once a month to take on this challenge…and we have just as much fun as the kids.  We work in a great facility – a real teaching kitchen with double ovens and sinks and lots of roomy counter space with bar stools.  Victoria, one of the volunteers, (along with our mutual friend, Pinterest) came up with the baking ideas for this month.  They were a big hit!  We prepared from-scratch chocolate cupcakes, buttercream icing and sugar cookies flavoured with lime and orange jello…not meant to be mixed together, but that’s just how things go sometimes!  The kids turned the cupcakes into sheep and made monsters out of the cookies.  Any baking that adds candies as decoration is always a popular choice.  The kids left with full tummies and baggies filled with extra treats to share at home.  We’re passing along the baking bug to these kids.  It’s contagious!



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