For the Dogs



I’ve been waiting for a logical excuse to feature a picture of our cute pup, Reina.  After all, you can’t go posting pictures of pets willy nilly all over a baking blog!  We rescued Reina over 2 years ago and she’s proved to be a sweetheart who takes every opportunity to smother you with wet doggie kisses. But enough about her.  Have you heard of clean cooking?  I’m not really sure how you determine whether or not something is “clean”, but it sounds healthy.  My daughter was joining me at a zumba class, so naturally I thought I should prepare something extra nutritious for our breakfast.  I located a clean muffin recipe that I thought I’d try.  I should have known better.  There was no sugar in the recipe, none at all.  But there were oats, and vanilla, and applesauce, and I was going to top the muffins with strawberries. I popped these lumpy clumps of oats in the oven and hoped the heat would create some kind of magic.


They looked exactly the same coming out as they did going in!  I took a tentative bite and chewed and chewed and chewed some more.  My daughter spit her first bite into a napkin.  She’s a wimp!  I swallowed my bite!  These did not taste clean.  They were very, very dirty and went straight into the compost bin…all 8 of them.  Not even a dog would eat them!  Now here’s another picture of Reina to get the nasty taste out of your mouth!

A face you can't resist

A face you can’t resist



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