“Put da lime in da coconut”


It’s amazing how quickly our weather has changed!  A couple of posts ago, I had photos of a snowstorm.  Today the sun is shining brightly and the birds are chirping.  I’m hopeful that spring is just around the corner.  So just like the seasons change, so does my baking.  Today I baked up a lime and coconut loaf, inspired by a Land O’ Lakes recipe that I found on the internet. Well, that’s partly true.  I got thinking about lime and coconut when I heard that old ’70s song “Put da lime in da coconut” on the radio. I kept singing it, complete with the accent of course.  I couldn’t get it out of my head and I finally succumbed to the suggestion. I didn’t have coconut cream ( a drink mix apparently) so I substituted coconut milk and 1/2 t. of coconut extract.  I was worried that the coconut flavour would over-power the lime, so I added the grated rind from 2 limes.  The top of the loaf looked rather oily before baking and I hoped that I hadn’t messed up by my tinkering with the original recipe.


Half-way through the baking process, I pulled out the loaf and sprinkled the top with coconut.  It rose nicely, although it did crack in the centre.  After it was almost completely cooled, I covered the loaf with a glaze made from lime juice and confectioner’s sugar.  The loaf was light and tart…a breath of springy freshness….and it’ll “make ya feel better”!



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