Luck O’ the Irish

Happy St. Paddy's

Happy St. Paddy’s

If we weren’t too old and disinterested in social media, I’m sure this picture would be posted all over facebook…but I saved it just for you!  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and our daughter arrived for a visit (to mooch dinner) with a bag full of seasonal goodies to humiliate her parents.  She walked in the door in her green t-shirt, emerald hair bow and green eye-shadow looking quite stunning…shhhh, don’t tell her I said that…and promptly convinced her Dad to dress up.  He’ll do almost anything for his girls!

I always try to prepare healthy meals when she comes for dinner as she always brags about how delicious and nutritious her meals are at home…yes, she’s a good cook, but I win hands-down in the baking category!  Here’s my dilemma: I want to have dessert, but I don’t want to blow a lot of calories on it…yet I don’t want to sacrifice taste.  I’ve been eyeing a whip cream knock-off whipped coconut cream on Pinterest for some time now.  It seems too simple and too healthy to be tasty. I decided to make a dessert loosely (and I DO mean loosely) based on tiramisu to try it out.

Wow, was I impressed! The result was a little denser than whipped cream, but acceptable nevertheless, and the taste was sweet and pleasant. I mixed some raspberries in with the cream and layered it with coffee soaked ladyfingers. I topped the layers with a dusting of cocoa. It was delicious! Next time, I might add a little Baileys to the cream as it was less coconutty than I expected and besides, you can never go wrong with Baileys! So there it is my friends, a lower calorie dessert with good flavour, texture and appearance. I know it wasn’t green to stay with the theme of the day…but I’m not Irish, just lucky that my new recipe was successful! What’s your favourite healthy dessert?


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  1. Hi MaryAnn,
    Tell Steve I love the look ! =) The lemon tarts were amazing. Grace thought the top was marshmallow and she gobbled it up.

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