Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

The calendar says that spring is here and that Easter is just around the corner.  It’s too bad Mother Nature isn’t co-operating.  Can you believe the snow again this morning?  Snow or no snow, Easter IS coming.  I decided to make an Easter confection with one of the young ladies with whom I volunteer.  We had a very tiny workspace, so my choice had to be simple and require only a microwave.  Chocolate peanut butter eggs seemed to be the perfect tasty treat.  First, we combined one and a half cups of creamy peanut butter with a half a cup of soft margarine.  Then we stirred in a teaspoon of vanilla.  This was the easy part!


Next, we added in about 3 and a half cups of confectioner’s sugar.  We finally gave up on the wooden spoon and worked the sugar into the creamed mixture with our hands. The mixture appeared almost too dry, but when we started to form the eggs, everything held together.  Even though our eggs appeared quite “warty”, we popped them into the fridge to harden for a few minutes while we melted the chocolate coating in the microwave.


We used chocolate chips for the coating. First, we attempted to dip the eggs using a skewer as suggested in the recipe. Well, that didn’t work at all. The skewer went right through! Our second attempt using a teaspoon was successful. I was so glad because that was really all we had to use! We decorated the eggs with lots of sprinkles and put them into the car to harden…I told you we had limited space! Who knows, maybe Mother Nature has a point…we need the cold weather so the Easter Bunny can harden up all her chocolate eggs! Enjoy making these eggs with your little ones…or big ones!


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  1. Beverley Keller · · Reply

    Looks fabulous, A must try.

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