An “Egg”cellent idea!

Today’s post is a first for Sweet Times Two: a craft.  I used to be an avid crafter and then I moved away from it for a bit.  Our daughter’s wedding last summer brought me back to my crafting roots and I’ve been back at it ever since.  This craft is very simple, but the end result is gorgeous.  With adult supervision, children can do it too. Here is the address of the Chatelaine link where I got the idea:  And here are my simple instructions:  Using a knife, take off the top bit of an egg.  Use your fingers to help and a ragged edge is a good thing.  Empty the contents of the egg into a bowl to use for French toast, an omelette or any other concoction that requires an egg.  Dye the empty egg shells using your own preferred method.  I used food colouring, water and vinegar.  While the dye is drying, melt some paraffin wax in a pot.  Do not use a microwave.  Pour the melted wax into each egg until about 2/3 full.  You can use a funnel if needed.  Insert a birthday candle into the centre and hold it until it’s set.  That’s it!  Light and enjoy.  You can display your egg candles using tea light holders, egg cups or napkin rings.  I think you’ll agree, these are an eggcellent idea.  Happy Easter everyone!




  1. Beverley Keller · · Reply

    What a beautiful centrepiece Mary Ann. A great idea I would love to try!

    1. Thanks, Beverley. It’s easy and effective.

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