These are delicious and I’m not foolin’!

I thought spring had arrived.  I washed our winter coats and put away the boots.  I’ve got an appointment to get my snow tires removed.  And then I woke up this morning.  Are you kidding me?  Is this an April Fool’s joke? The wind is howling and we’ve had snow blowing sideways off and on all day.  Enough already!

Inside-out pumpkin muffins

Inside-out pumpkin muffins

These muffins are the very last winter themed items I bake for a long time. I promise. Even if the weather stays cold, I promise to pretend that spring is here. In the meantime, these muffins were a warm, yummy treat after having my hair restyled by the wind as I tried to walk the dog. I prepared a cream cheese frosting and my usual pumpkin muffin recipe. Instead of icing the muffins after they cooled, I layered the frosting into the middle of the muffin and baked it right inside. Mmmmmmm… the sweet, moist inside was a perfect complement to the spicy muffin.


Spring baking starts this week. I promise!


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