Momofuku Cookies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat a sloppy looking mess on that cookie sheet!!  I’m not ashamed to post this, though, because the other photos of this cookie that I found on the internet are just as bad!!  Why then would I even bother to try these cookies out?  Momofuku is quite the trendy restaurant in NYC and now here in Toronto, and these cookies seem to have some sort of cult following.  And if Martha Stewart endorses them, how could I go wrong?  Here’s the link to the recipe:


I did alter Martha’s recipe a little.  Instead of making the cornflake crunch (so much extra work and so much extra sweetness), I just added plain crunched cornflakes.  I’m glad I did this as I found the cookie to be very sweet as it was.  You refrigerate the dough prior to baking and this seemed to be a very important step as it was stressed in every version of the recipe.  I was so pleased with the plump little mounds on my cookie sheet.  I was all smug about how MINE wouldn’t flatten and spread together….well, we all know how that turned out!


My usual group of guinea pig kids loved these cookies, and my husband did as well.  For me, I could take them or leave them…and mostly leave them.  I like my cookies soft and less sweet.  Try them and let me know what side of the cookie debate gets your vote.


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