Mother’s Day

This Sunday is a special day set aside to honour mothers.  It’s the most important, and in my opinion one of the most difficult jobs around….and it lasts a lifetime with no retirement!  The rewards, however, are unsurpassed.  This Mother’s Day, we’re taking my Mom (and Dad) out.  This recipe is something I would prepare if we were celebrating at home.


Pavlova is an elegant dessert and it’s relatively easy to prepare.  I don’t know why I don’t remember to make it more often.  In this case, I opted for individual Pavlovas, but you can certainly make one large one and cut it into wedges for serving.  There are many, many recipes for Pavlova, and they are all quite similar.  However, here are a few helpful tips that I found along the way to ensure that your  has that crisp outer shell with a marshmallowy interior: Always grind your sugar or use the very fine fruit sugar. This makes your meringue much smoother.  Set your oven to 350 and then just as you’re ready to pop the Pavlova in, drop it to 250.  This helps the crust form.  Cool the Pavlova right in the oven so that it comes to room temperature slowly. Serve with LOTS of whipped cream and your fruit of choice….berries are nice, peaches are yummy too.  I suggest you make a Pavlova to impress your Mom!


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