A Gift Mom Will Actually Use

This is the best craft I’ve come across in a long time!  Thank you, Pinterest! I did it with two fourteen year-old girls, but I’m sure it would be suitable for crafters of almost any age (with parental support for the young ones).  It looks like tie-dyeing but without the mess!  Where was this idea when I was a kid in the backyard with tubs of dyed water and elastics and rinse….and a big, grassy mess? What you need: cotton things to dye, 99% rubbing alcohol, Sharpie markers, elastics and plastic cups.  That’s it!


We used cotton tea towels as we were making Mother’s Day gifts.  You place the plastic cup under the garment and fasten it with an elastic.  If you like the white ring effect, leave the elastic near the top of the cup.  If not, as above, place the elastic further down.  Doodle in the circle you’ve created.  Gently drizzle the rubbing alcohol on top of the design.  I put the rubbing alcohol in an empty dish detergent squeeze bottle for better control.  Let it dry a little before you remove the elastic.  We used a hair dryer to speed things up.  Repeat.


As you can see, the results are as individual as the crafters.  The only word of caution is to be sure to be well ventilated as the rubbing alcohol has quite a potent scent!  I think the girls’ Moms will be thrilled with this gift.  The tea towels really reveal each girl’s individual style and personality.  Watch for our t-shirts next.  The possibilities are endless!



  1. This looks very pretty, thank you for stopping by and liking my cherry and nut cookies. The pattern looks more like “tie and dye” patterns!

    1. Thank you for all the times you’ve visited my blog, Liz. I’m going to be trying those cookies within the next couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to give you all the credit. Watch my blog for it!!

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