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Pink Attitude!

Today we’re featuring a pink shower that I hosted for my daughter.  She’s always been a pink fanatic! Below is our pink candy bar that was one of the take-aways for our guests. The wall decorations are made from Dollar Store wrapping paper and foam hearts. We had lots of  pink decorations in the main party room […]

A Page From the Past

Is it spring where you live?  It sure looks like spring here!  Bazinga…don’t you love that word…Mother Nature fools us again!  We had snow on Sunday and we’re back to winter coats and tuques and mittens!  The only good thing about this weather is that I can squeeze in one more comfort cookie before all […]

Momofuku Cookies

What a sloppy looking mess on that cookie sheet!!  I’m not ashamed to post this, though, because the other photos of this cookie that I found on the internet are just as bad!!  Why then would I even bother to try these cookies out?  Momofuku is quite the trendy restaurant in NYC and now here […]

It’s Contagious!

Does the thought of baking with a group of 12 children fill you with terror?  Does it conjure up images of spilled milk, flying confectioner’s sugar and high-pitched whining “It’s my turn to stir.”?  Four of us willingly volunteer once a month to take on this challenge…and we have just as much fun as the […]

Magic Powder

When I was a child, my Mom often served jello as a dessert.  Surprisingly, I harbour no ill-feelings towards the box of highly sweetened powder (unlike my feelings towards liver, mashed potatoes and boiled cabbage).  Lately, I’ve noticed that jello has been re-purposed as a flavour and colour enhancer.  I was quite skeptical because I thought […]

Pucker Up

I had enough chocolate decorating my Christmas cookie platter, and there were enough entries with nuts too.  I was looking for a different taste as a final addition to this year’s Christmas cookie round-up.  I went to my favourite new pass-time, Pinterest, for inspiration.  I came upon a lemon cookie that had won first prize in […]

Spicy Pecan Biscotti

I love cookies that you can dunk.  I come from a family of dunkers.  My granddad was a dunker, my dad is a dunker, and even my daughter enjoys dunking.  Biscotti are definitely dunking cookies, but sometimes I find them just too dry.  In fact, I had one recently at Il Fornello that fit that […]

A Winner

Now that we’ve flipped our calendars to December, Christmas is really in the air.  The malls are crowded, some radio stations have switched to all Christmas music and twinkling lights seem to be everywhere.  The pressure is on!  I’ve been busy in the kitchen baking for others, but my own Christmas baking has been sadly […]

‘Tis the season

Although I’m definitely on the mend, my senses of taste and smell are still not up to snuff….not the best time to bake or cook.  However, I grabbed the Our Compliments booklet on my way out of Sobeys and a cookie recipe inside caught my eye.  It combined some of my favourite holiday tastes in […]

Sniff, cough, blow!

I’m miserable!  It’s nothing serious, just a cold..and I know I’m female and I’m supposed to be stoic and all, but I’m not.  I’m a wimp and a whiny baby.  So what did I decide to do today?  I started to put up Christmas decorations.  Obviously, this cold has affected my brain!  Of course nothing went […]