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Dairy Queen Needs To Worry!!

We’ve flipped the calendar to June now, but Mother Nature is still not co-operating!  It’s cool and windy and grey and wet and disappointing! But here at Sweet Times Two, we’re just going to pretend it’s warm and proceed with some summertime recipes.  Today, I’m going to share with you two variations on a simple […]

Pink Attitude!

Today we’re featuring a pink shower that I hosted for my daughter.  She’s always been a pink fanatic! Below is our pink candy bar that was one of the take-aways for our guests. The wall decorations are made from Dollar Store wrapping paper and foam hearts. We had lots of  pink decorations in the main party room […]

Spring Sponge

This is another delightful dessert that could easily be used for Mother’s Day.  It’s moist sponge, layered with berries and whipped cream….no buttercream to fuss with and not too sweet…perfect, in my humble opinion!  I used the Cake Boss’ recipe for the sponge cake and I was pleasantly surprised.  You do have to spend some […]

Mother’s Day

This Sunday is a special day set aside to honour mothers.  It’s the most important, and in my opinion one of the most difficult jobs around….and it lasts a lifetime with no retirement!  The rewards, however, are unsurpassed.  This Mother’s Day, we’re taking my Mom (and Dad) out.  This recipe is something I would prepare […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

The calendar says that spring is here and that Easter is just around the corner.  It’s too bad Mother Nature isn’t co-operating.  Can you believe the snow again this morning?  Snow or no snow, Easter IS coming.  I decided to make an Easter confection with one of the young ladies with whom I volunteer.  We had […]

New Year’s Gangnam Style!

New Year’s Eve  is now a double celebration for our family as it is also the new s-i-l’s birthday.  The newlyweds decided to host a party with the theme of gangnam style – dress classy, act trashy…or maybe it was the other way around!  Regardless, I jumped on the theme and offered (with my usual bossy personality) […]

Pucker Up

I had enough chocolate decorating my Christmas cookie platter, and there were enough entries with nuts too.  I was looking for a different taste as a final addition to this year’s Christmas cookie round-up.  I went to my favourite new pass-time, Pinterest, for inspiration.  I came upon a lemon cookie that had won first prize in […]

Spicy Pecan Biscotti

I love cookies that you can dunk.  I come from a family of dunkers.  My granddad was a dunker, my dad is a dunker, and even my daughter enjoys dunking.  Biscotti are definitely dunking cookies, but sometimes I find them just too dry.  In fact, I had one recently at Il Fornello that fit that […]

Maple Chocolate Pecan Bars

I have to start this post by saying a big thank you to my friend Lisa.  Last year, she gave me the recipe for today’s treat.  We sometimes tease Lisa about her TV friends at CityLine, but there’s nothing funny about this recipe.  Last year, it won my family’s contest of best cookie and it looks […]

A Winner

Now that we’ve flipped our calendars to December, Christmas is really in the air.  The malls are crowded, some radio stations have switched to all Christmas music and twinkling lights seem to be everywhere.  The pressure is on!  I’ve been busy in the kitchen baking for others, but my own Christmas baking has been sadly […]