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Savoury Squares

Last week, we had our usual girls’ get-together.  It had been awhile and we had lots to share.  There were holiday stories and plans to relate, wedding plans to mull over, teaching woes of old and new to commiserate with, the death of a close family member to mourn and tales of children and grandchildren to entertain […]

Another sweet and savoury

This past weekend, my hubby and I entertained a couple of good friends.  We’re comfortable enough with them to use them as guinea pigs for one of my never-tried pinterest finds.  The recipe was  labour intensive and contained a number of steps……this is how you know I really LOVE you B and P! For our appetizer, […]

Sweet and Savoury

Some of my teaching buddies and I try to get together regularly – lately to discuss the effects of aging on our bodies and our psyches.  We don’t paint a pretty picture for the one member of our club who is still  on the sunny side of 50! We compare and commiserate, but mostly we laugh. As […]

Don’t blame me!

Have you discovered pinterest?  It’s my newest addiction…and I DO mean addiction.  Seriously, I’m on this site ALL the time, especially when I’m watching quality TV programs like Real Housewives or Honey Boo Boo…okay so I only watched it once….maybe!  There are so many recipes, and ideas, and hints.  I’m pinning everything in sight.  I […]