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Lunchlady Peanut Butter Bars

Recipes for these bars are all over the internet and they don’t vary much from one recipe to another.  I have to admit that I was first attracted to the recipe because “Lunchlady” was in the title! What is a lunchlady anyway?  We didn’t have lunchladies when I went to school nor when I was […]

Baking Bedlam!

Baking bedlam…14 children, 7 adults, one kitchen!  Yet, we managed to produce three pans of yummy bars to share.  The hands-down winner was Oreo brownies chosen by our volunteer, Victoria.  Victoria has the uncanny ability to come up with kid-friendly treats to bake month after month.  I was surprised when she told me that she wasn’t […]

A Keeper

I LOVE sugar cookies.  They’re fun to cut into shapes and decorate to fit virtually any theme…..but they’re fiddly and time-consuming.  And I get neck and shoulder aches when I decorate for too long…..I hate anything that reminds me of how old I’m getting!  I was thrilled when I discovered a recipe for sugar cookie bars.  […]