Let me introduce myself.  My name is Mary Ann and I’m one half of Sweet Times Two. I’ve been very happily married to my wonderful husband for more than 30 years. I have one daughter and another daughter that we adopted with our hearts.  I’m a recently retired teacher who has loved to bake since childhood.  The students in my class were spoiled with treats from my oven and baking was always a vital part of my curriculum.  Currently, I teach baking as a volunteer with Children’s Aid Society.  Beverley and I have been baking buddies for more than ten years and we hope that you will enjoy hearing about our endeavours in the kitchen and perhaps share a few of our tasty creations with your family.

I’m Beverley, the other player in our duo.  I’ve been employed in the legal industry for many years, but baking, cooking and entertaining have always been my passions.  I’ve taken several related courses and have had lots of practice entertaining many satisfied friends and family members around my dining room table. I have one son and a loving and supportive partner.  Mary Ann and I have been talking for years about sharing our love for all things baked with others. Why not let our hobby help you out?  Order some of our freshly baked and tasty treats. Your friends and family will never know you didn’t do the baking yourself!



  1. I am so excited for both of you!!!!
    What an amazing idea.
    Mary Ann, I’ve known you for 100 years, and anything you’ve ever done has been nothing short of perfection. I’ll be placing my order soon. Do you deliver? xoxox All the Best!

  2. Thank you for your compliments, Adrienne. We can deliver. It will give us an excuse to get together. 100 years! That explains all the wrinkles!

  3. The compliments were very sincere.
    What is your delivery area? Is it the whole GTA?

    1. We deliver locally or to the downtown Toronto area. Our lower prices reflect non-delivery. Thanks for asking and of course I will always bring a little treat for those whom I’ve known for 100 years!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by too and thank you for following my favourite pastime. I really appreciate the follow. It’s exciting to know you’ve been married 30 years. I’m always glad to meet a teacher. What would the world be without them? we say “once a teacher, always a teacher” Glad to know you and Beverly make and deliver baked treats around Toronto. I have family in Toronto. Thanks and look forward to receiving posts from your blog.

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