Monthly Archives: January 2013

Another sweet and savoury

This past weekend, my hubby and I entertained a couple of good friends.  We’re comfortable enough with them to use them as guinea pigs for one of my never-tried pinterest finds.  The recipe was  labour intensive and contained a number of steps……this is how you know I really LOVE you B and P! For our appetizer, […]

Sweet and Savoury

Some of my teaching buddies and I try to get together regularly – lately to discuss the effects of aging on our bodies and our psyches.  We don’t paint a pretty picture for the one member of our club who is still  on the sunny side of 50! We compare and commiserate, but mostly we laugh. As […]

New Year’s Gangnam Style!

New Year’s Eve  is now a double celebration for our family as it is also the new s-i-l’s birthday.  The newlyweds decided to host a party with the theme of gangnam style – dress classy, act trashy…or maybe it was the other way around!  Regardless, I jumped on the theme and offered (with my usual bossy personality) […]

Eating in the Big Apple

Between vacation time and Christmas, it’s been too long since I’ve visited this blog.  But we’re back to reality and routine once again. Our trip to NYC was great… full of Christmas spirit and good things to eat.  There are many terrific restaurants to choose from and every meal was a delight.  One of my favourite excursions […]