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Dairy Queen Needs To Worry!!

We’ve flipped the calendar to June now, but Mother Nature is still not co-operating!  It’s cool and windy and grey and wet and disappointing! But here at Sweet Times Two, we’re just going to pretend it’s warm and proceed with some summertime recipes.  Today, I’m going to share with you two variations on a simple […]

Pink Attitude!

Today we’re featuring a pink shower that I hosted for my daughter.  She’s always been a pink fanatic! Below is our pink candy bar that was one of the take-aways for our guests. The wall decorations are made from Dollar Store wrapping paper and foam hearts. We had lots of  pink decorations in the main party room […]

More from the children’s baking group

This month, our group of volunteers met again with our budding bakers to create some tasty treats.  These kids have really improved over the course of our sessions and we have the pictures to prove it! This yummy morsel is a re-make of the traditional pineapple upside down cake.  By turning it into a cupcake, […]

Spring Sponge

This is another delightful dessert that could easily be used for Mother’s Day.  It’s moist sponge, layered with berries and whipped cream….no buttercream to fuss with and not too sweet…perfect, in my humble opinion!  I used the Cake Boss’ recipe for the sponge cake and I was pleasantly surprised.  You do have to spend some […]

Guilt-free Indulgence

It was my parents’ anniversary this past weekend.  They celebrated 55+ years of, as my Mom so eloquently put it, “putting up with each other”!  We had them over for a quiet meal, but we needed to have something special for dessert.   As  with many seniors (and not seniors), fat and calories are on the […]

A Healthy Cheesecake

This is one of my most used and requested recipes ever.  In fact, the pages of my recipe book open to this recipe automatically.  Of course, the sticky blobs of who-knows-what make this a no-brainer!  There is NO cream cheese in this “cheesecake”, yet it satisfies my craving for this decadent dessert every time.  With the […]

Luck O’ the Irish

If we weren’t too old and disinterested in social media, I’m sure this picture would be posted all over facebook…but I saved it just for you!  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and our daughter arrived for a visit (to mooch dinner) with a bag full of seasonal goodies to humiliate her parents.  She walked in the […]

Snowy Baking

It’s late February and winter is still going strong.  I’m not a fan of winter, but I cannot deny the beauty of what Ol’ Man Winter created in my backyard this week.  Everything was covered in a soft, white blanket of fluff. It was a serene and peaceful scene.  I wanted to stay cocooned inside my warm […]

Gingerbread Cake Reprised

Individual desserts seem to be the rage right now.  Beverley and her lovely hubby were coming for dinner and I was looking for something stylish and impressive, yet tasty.  I decided to try gingerbread cake again since the presentation last time was what I was looking for and it was the taste that was lacking.  I […]

There just aren’t enough ways to say delicious!

This past Thursday, I was having a crew of about 12 in my house in the early hours of the morning.  I couldn’t brag about my baking without offering them a sample to back it up.  I wanted something warm that I could make ahead.  I lucked out when I found this baked french toast […]