Monthly Archives: September 2012

Better than a Candle

Fall is such a wonderful season.  Its cool evenings make for comfortable sleeping.  The leaves are not only colourful, but they have a damp, fresh fragrance as well.  I love to add to the natural fragrance of fall with candles….not surprisingly food scented ones are my favourites: gingerbread, vanilla, apple-cranberry.  They make our home smell […]


The picture says it all!

The Yummy Town of Woodbridge

The weatherman called for a rainy weekend….wrong again! How does he keep his job?  By Saturday at noon, the skies were blue again and my hubby and I decided to venture outside to make the most of the day.  We were in the mood for a good pizza.  Now, we used to have a terrific local Italian […]

Our very first order!

Thank you to those who have had a look at our blog, and an extra thank you to those who took the time to comment.  We love reading what you have to say and suggestions are always welcome. We got our first two orders!  Someone IS reading the drivel I post!  I spent my morning […]

In the Kitchen with Sweet Times Two

Beverley and I were excited to bake together today and before 10 am we were busy concocting sweets in Beverley’s kitchen.  Everything didn’t go as planned …but more about that later.  We had several triumphs that I’m happy to share with you.  Our first creation was Pumpkin Cinnamon Streusel Muffins.  Did I mention that I LOVE […]

Dessert with the Newlyweds

As promised, here is a picture of last night’s dessert, Pumpkin Crunch Cake.  It was the most scrumptious dessert I’ve baked in many years….a slice of pumpkin heaven.  Even the new SIL licked his plate clean, and I don’t think he was just being polite!  You MUST try this.  It makes regular pumpkin pie taste like the […]

I cheated!

I baked today…in my own kitchen….by myself.  I couldn’t help it.  No Frills had butter on special and it was raining.  What else would I do? First I baked a pumpkin crunch cake.  I followed the recipe….sort of.  I added more spices to the pumpkin base, changed the sugar to dark brown and added some […]

Just Getting Started

We’re two friends who have supported each other through the trials and tribulations of raising children and balancing family and careers.  Many of our fondest memories have taken place in the kitchen or at cooking and baking shows and classes.  We’re passionate about food and entertaining and our dream has always been to share this […]